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Bravo, Anarchy {Hybrid Being} WIP

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Bravo, Anarchy {Hybrid Being} WIP

Post by Ana Bravo on Thu May 19, 2016 11:03 am

ǂ Ana Bravo ǂ
Character's Full Name: Anarchy Rebecca Bravo
Age: 22 years old
Species: Hybrid Being
Genetically altered human with a plethora of unfamiliar DNA. She isn't entirely human but appears human.
Sex/Gender: Female
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: You'll know if she's into you.

The First Impression
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 146 lb.
Skin Color/Complexion:
Defining Features: [horns? tattoos? scars?]
Usual Manner of Dress: [what's your style? Specific outfits aren't necessarily required, but they help a LOT]
Way of Walking: [confidently? gracefully?]

Getting To Know You
Personality: [Are they optimistic, paranoid, cynical? How do they interact with others? What do they think of the world? How do they act on a daily basis?]
Habits: [any nervous ticks? do they smoke or drink?]

The Power
Element: [choose ONE]
Special Ability: [be sure to include a downside to the ability, or the Admin will assume it is a god power and reject the application.]
Fighting Style: [hand-to-hand? swordsman? ranged?]
[picture of weapon]

The Past
History: [may be PMed to Ana Bravo if you wish to keep the character mysterious.]

Rules Quote: [told ya the rules were important!!~]

This character template created by Ana Bravo on 17 March, 2015 for the use of Sweet Solitude [SS] @sweetsolitude.forums-rpg.com.

Ana Bravo

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